What is right, and what is wrong…

Anonymous asked: "I look up and nod hysterically. "Good idea though!" We enter the shop. Immediately, I run around and try to find the most tasty thing in this shop. However that is more of an unsolvable quest. I grab a tray. "I can't decide""

"How about this?" the male picked up a nearby packet that contained melon bread inside.














The usual set up for the start of a normal, or well, what you would probably call ‘Another typical work day’—- Not for Aoba. His blue-locks fluttered across his soft pillow, deep in sleep and dreaming the day away by the looks of it. Such a beautiful morning… —Blue, clear skies, the birds were nesting in their trees and after copious nudges from his fluff-ball of an Allmate: Ren. He groaned, “Nn… —Ren…” hands trailing off to rub a patch of this blue fur he adored, his eyes opened ever-so-slowly to take a peek at the time indicated on his Coil… —One… TEN—THIRTY FIVE….! Uwaa…. —So late! The bluenette sprung to his feet, hand lunging over to grab his pants, forcing his legs quickly through the holes of his pants he hurried down stairs, “Ren, let’s hurry—-!” You could even hear each footstep as he almost tumbled down the stairs… —Haa… if Granny wasn’t awake already, she’d probably lay her fist in to me later… --Ah— Clear. Almost forgot. Automatically turning back on himself, he poked his head around the corner, “Clear, I’m going to work now, so I’ll catch you later.”  

He was sitting in one of the six chairs that where in the kitchen. He was rocking his side to side, his hands intertwined with with each other as he hummed his Jellyfish song. Like always he expected Aoba to come,but today he was late. He thought Master had slept in today because he didn’t have some work today,but by the why Aoba rushed down like that he was late for work. He raised his right hand and waved it,.”Ohayo Master! Don’t get into trouble or get hurt okay.” He told him. He always wants Aoba to be safe.

Returning a wave, “I won’t. Right, see you later and try not to cause Granny any trouble, okay?” He responded, darting for the door. It’s not like Clear would cause Granny any hassle anyway… — Aoba sighed, arriving at one of the streets nearest to his destination. As he approached, Ren was straggling right behind with his tiny legs, trying to keep up with him. "Aoba, the time is 10:47. If you take the left path, it’ll shorten your distance." Rens tail swayed to the side, alerting him of the shortcut he could make to safe him time. Is the shop that way…? Well, it shouldn’t be a problem. Ren was great with navigating and finding out the locations of where to go and all. The blue-haired had all of his trust placed in to that. He’s one of his closest friends after all. 

Taking that chance, he took Rens advice and proceeded on down that path… —Hn? Aoba took a glimpse at the canine beside him briefly, “Ren, are you really sure this is the right way? It’s like a foot path… —No, it’s small, and narrow… is this really the way?” Ren narrowed his head down, you could clearly see that he was reanalyzing what he had stated from earlier—- and with that, he perked his nose up, "Affirmative. This is indeed the correct way to go."

After a few minuets had passed, he garbed his umbrella and he want up Aoba’s room. He just using his window to get back onto the roof where he will take a nice little walk. Once he reached Aoba’s door he opened it and walked into his room. He closed the door behind him and walked out the the balcony where he’ll just climb up onto the roof. He pushed on the umbrella to open i and began to walk from roof to roof. He liked to be high off the ground so he can see everyone and everything. He let the warmth of he sun hit his body. He loosed up to the beautiful rays of light that shine through his clear umbrella. The light was warm and the rays of light where mixed with colors of red, blue, green, yellow,and purple.He smiled under his mask and began to walk again. He noticed a blue haired boy walking down below him. It was master. He thought for a moment but didn’t do anything. He just watched from above, like a guardian angle. He wanted to make sure he got to work safely.

Puffing his chest out of his jacket, he took a deep breath and gave his advice a shot. But first—- He took out his coil from a nearby pocket and strapped it tight to his wrist, continuing to march on slightly a head of Ren. Vision locked on to the screen of his gadget, it started up. Let’s see… this is it alright… —The path they were taking. It was so dark down there in that alley, he couldn’t take time to acknowledge the road up head. "Aoba…" Ren called out to him, gaining speed as the male’s vision was taken up by the screen of digital device. Hn?

The road. It wasn’t that big, and it appeared to be empty, right? it’s fine to cross safely on here. Is what the junkie had thought, that’s what anyone would think or have placed their faith in. ‘Oh, look. The road’s empty, let’s hurry, quick!’. Thinking that way… was kind of ignorant.   —- Risking the chance, he stepped straight in… "—AOBA—!"  the male who had taken his safety lightly raised his eyes to a vehicle speeding through as fast as anything—! To be so reckless like this… Aoba wasn’t usually like this, he just wanted to get to work with Ren. The one day he was later than usual. His pale body sprawled out on the rocky surface, and his allmate that shook his body to try and get him to gain conscious, "Aoba… Aoba..! Stay awake, Aoba!"  

He was shocked, scared, angry ….he had all these mixed emotions out of what he just witnessed. His Master just got hurt. He rushed down the side of the roof and jumped off it. He hit the ground. The jolt from the jump sent a little pain to his feet but that didn’t stop him from rushing over to his Master and helping him. "MASTER!" he cried out rushing over to help him. He tossed his umbrella aside and crouched down next to Aoba. He helped Ren in trying to keep him from losing conscious. He taped Aobas face light to keep him from passing out, or worse….dying. He didn’t want that to happen."Master, stay with me, Master!" His voice was crocked. He tried to hide the sadness in his voice. If only he had acted before he got hit then maybe he would be alright.As these thoughts came into his head he felt more angry with himself. He didn’t protect him like he promised himself. He lightly shook Aoba to keep him away, Frantically saying “Master! stay with us!”

Lost in a struggle to obtain his breath, weakened he stretched his arm to graze Clear’s cheek. “I’ll be fine, Clear…” taking a deep breath, a trickle of thick-red liquid made seeped from the bluenettes forehead as he sat up. "Aoba…" Ren muffled out his name, worried for the sake of his condition.  Haa… —the light was getting dim, a pulse of heat ran through his body as his energy was draining… — why did he not double-check? why… He promised Clear and Ren he’d make sure to be careful this morning, like every morning… why… — With the last ounce he gathered up, Aoba brought both Clear and Ren closer to him and he hugged them tight. “Sorry… —I’m so sorry… Clear… Ren.”

His eye widened. He can feel the tears forming behind his eyes, he tried t hide them by blinking away the tears. His head on Aoba’s shoulder, his arms just lay by his side. He couldn’t move,the fear of him dying was too much to bare. He tried to speak but no words came out. He wanted to tell Aoba that he wasn’t going to die, that he was going to make it. He saw the drips of blood that fell from the side of his face onto his jacket. He moved his hand over to the side of his face to wipe the blood away from his cheek. He didn’t want his face to be stained with the red color of his blood.His hand fell back down to his side. His white glove is now red on his palm. His eyes looking down at his lap where his hand left a trail of red. He felt a warm tear fall from his face and hit his lap. “Master….. don’t die.” he said his voice muffled and choked. He face was warm, as more tears fell from his face as he just repeats in a low voice “please….don’t die”

A muffled out chuckle fled his lips, sinking his head in to the firm corner of Clears shoulder, “C—Clear… I’m fine… please don’t cry…” wrapping tighter, Aoba took a glimpse down at the blood tarnishing the brightly coloured fabric of the white-haireds scarf. Being careful, he sat himself up and pulled himself away carefully. Feeling giddy, he took a deep breath and smiled faintly, “Clear… Ren, I won’t die… —I need to see the doctor… —Quickly.” he huffed at the last of his breath. His body seeped down slowly as the bluenette lost consciousness. He was going to die, right? It couldn’t be the end here… —A bright light… isn’t this usually what’s to be seen when someone has lived their life and was to move on to the next life? Please… Don’t let this be. I made a promise… to Ren. To Clear… —It can’t end here—! We made a promise to live on together from now on!

He moved quickly to catch Aoba before he fell and hit the ground. He looked down at Aoba, who was in his arms. It took a few seconds before he picked Aoba up bridal style. His head resting on his on his arm. His body was light and limp. He looked down at Ren who was on the ground. He keeled down to pick Ren up as well because he needed to go fast and he didn’t want Ren to fall behind.He grabbed Ren and placed him on Aoba’s chest and quickly stood up and held Aoba in his arms again.He quickly ran for a doctor. He ran through people and things that where in his way. He just keep thinking -Master can’t die….I won’t let him. Be blinked away any tears that where forming. His face was already dry from the tears that had fallen before.

He exhaled an audible,  eyebrows furrowing down at his own frustration as he continued to sleep. That ray of light began to fade…. slowly, steadily. Where was he now? A gust of thin air rushed through his blue locks. Was he being carried? The pain that struck him was still lingering, even in his own mind he could hear the voice. the voice that was similar to his own that would talk…— More like ordered, this was Sly… it had to be. He’s still here…? Why?  Aoba had a feeling this guy wasn’t going to cause any harm to him. Since, he’s also part of him, but maybe a lecture…—was he the type to do that?

He ran across the street. The people around him looked at him. Some shocked and some not caring. He ignored them, he could not stop focusing on his main goal. He ran faster and faster. The Hospital was still a few blocks away and he needed to get there fast. He breaths steady with the paste of his running. His white hair falling on his tear stained face. His hands holding onto Aoba tight so he doesn’t fall. His eyes where wide with fear. His heart was racing. He felt that he might not make it in time. He tried to run faster but the wight was slowing him down. He put all his energy into running him to a doctor. He keep glaceing down to see if he is still breathing. Ren was laying on Aoba. He tuned the corner to see the hospital was in the distance. He increased his speed to get there in time to save Aoba. He ran up to the doors. The slid open and he ran inside. With the last once of his strength me manged to tell three times “Help someone! We need help!” some doctors ran up to him and took Aoba out of his arms and placing him gently on a bed. They gave Ren to him as the took Aoba away. He wanted to go with him but they told him everything will be alright. He won’t believe them until Aoba is healed. 

Ren who watched the doctors flee off, raised his head and his tiny paw and pressed it against Clears coat, "Clear." nudging his arm to get some acknowledgement, “Aoba’s strong and the car wasn’t going at a fast pace.” that was all he could state for now. The faith that Ren had, the trust that he’s now placed in the doctors hands to take care of his injured owner. 

Dear DMMD fans who have only seen the anime,






It’s one of the most beautiful fanart i have ever seen. I don’t know who is author of this. ;-;


It’s one of the most beautiful fanart i have ever seen. I don’t know who is author of this. ;-;


I saw the new eopisode of DMMd….and I cried T^T I love Clear, his route and his Jellyfish Song. Everytime it gives me goosebumps *sigh* Pixiv ID: 28131312 


I saw the new eopisode of DMMd….and I cried T^T
I love Clear, his route and his Jellyfish Song. Everytime it gives me goosebumps *sigh*

Pixiv ID: 28131312 

Anonymous asked: "I grab his arm firmly and shake him a little bit in my upcoming happiness. "A bakery! I love bakeries!" Laughing, my steps become faster. "Mhhh it smells like heaven~" I look through the window. "And it all looks so yummy ~""

"I know, right?~" He giggled approaching closer to the shop, "Instead of standing out here and appreciating them, why don’t we get some?"



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Anonymous asked: "I grin and nod. "What's the boss recommending?" There were plenty of places to grab food, however I couldn't decide between all the different smells and looks. Everything seemed to be more or less edible."

"—Ah… —This place looks good. I’ve been here before with Mizuki." Aoba pointed a finger over to the shop window. A small bakery.